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3D printed replacment wheels for Sony Rolly – download from here. Best to print with softer TPU. If you are using harder TPU you can scale it for 1mm so it would be easier to put wheels on Rolly.

3D printed wheels for Sony Rolly

We often get this question on our Facebook page.

Answer is:

You cannot buy it in any store. Sony Rolly production is Discontinued and you can buy only used Rolly on Ebay, Amazon and other online marketplaces.

We were thinking about making one page on our website where you can find all active sales.

The price is quite high because of rareness of device. For all lucky owners of Sony Rolly we created this website with hope that you will participate with motions that you created.

Enjoy in motions and keep Rolly alive ;)

We would like to invite you to take part in creation of this website.

Contact us on if you are owner of Sony Rolly and have any knowledge about:

  • creating motions for Sony Rolly,
  • creating video tutorials,
  • creating videos of Sony Rolly,
  • adding content to word press site,
  • writing articles about Sony Rolly and everything related to it.


Also if you have any ideas how to improve this website or any other ideas that are related to Sony Rolly fell free to contact us on this email:

Enjoy in motions and keep Rolly alive ;)