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This version of Sony Rolly software has been fixed to work on new versions of Windows.

Created by Richard Graver

You can download ISO image of fixed software from link below:

Download  – Fixed Sony Rolly Choreographer CD

Here is Readme.txt from ISO:


Wow.. this CD actually works.. How?

This installation CD for the Sony Rolly Choreographer has been fixed to work on new versions of Windows.
I spent a significant amount of time to analyse and test the original installation routines and identify
the reasons why it was not working on newer computers and 64bit windows systems. After many different
attempts and variations of forcing the software to install (a few of which worked “well enough”) I
decided that wasn’t enough and I didn’t stop there. In the end I decided the ultimate solution
would be to stay true to the original Sony installation CD by patching the ISO with updated shared
libraries and making some small modifications to the installer scripts to reflect those updates.

Long story short.. it works again.

If this patched installation ISO has helped you in any way I have come up with a few ideas of how
you can say thanks.

Thanks Option #1

You could send me a small token of your appreciation either by treating me to lunch.. If you want,
I’ll even send back a photo of what I had to eat. I’ll find a way to buy myself something to eat
no matter what amount you send.. I’m perfectly happy with the dollar menu at McDonalds.. but I’m
also a huge fan of Bobby Flays Steak @ Borgata in Atlantic City (I recommend trying the Filet Mignon,
or Kobe Steak if you happen to be in the area.)

Paypal: or Bitcoin: 1KmADNsXnLqnCoLvTB83BBCKGxJfw8CpJz

Thanks Option #2

Just drop me a note and say THANKS… It will make me smile and know my time wasn’t wasted just knowing
someone appreciated the effort I put into making this work again.

Finally… If you are looking for the latest in Sony Rolly software, Motion Data, and information you
should check out


Richard Graver

If you need orginal ISO disc image of Sony Rolly Choreographer CD you can download it from this link.

Thanks to Eric Thommerot we now have translation of Japanese Motion Editor to English!

If you want you can make donation for his work on his paypal account:

Or say THANKS… It will make us smile and know our time wasn’t wasted just knowing someone appreciated the effort we put into making this.

Click here to download files

The original Motion Editor must be installed using the method given using the fake.dll prior to this package manual installation!

Unzip the zip file (password rolly) into any folder of your hard drive. Copy/Paste the files from the created folder into the Motion Editor folder
(if you’ve used the default installation it should be into : C:\Program Files\Sony\Motion Editor).

A confirmation message might appear asking of you want to overwrite MotionEditor.exe, make sure you answer “Yes” or confirm you want to overwrite it.

I have left a copy of the original executable, just in case (called MotionEditor – Copy.exe).

Now you can start the Motion Editor using the shortcut on your desktop of application menu and Enjoy…